iTradeNetwork’s Order Management System (OMS) offers our customers two ways to trade: on our OMS Portal or via Integration. While our OMS Portal still gives our customers access to our industry-leading network of over 6,000 trading partners, integrating comes with so many more benefits of its own. Before we share with you five of our customers’ favorite advantages of integrating, we should first explain -- exactly what do we mean by “Integration”?


When a customer chooses Integration as their procurement method, iTradeNetwork’s Order Management System will integrate with their back-end system—like an ERP, for example-- so that they don’t have to manually complete every Purchase Order (PO), PO Confirmation, Invoice, or Advanced Shipment Notice. The impact this has on our customers’ efficiency is unparalleled, but the benefits don’t just stop there. Read on to learn five more reasons our customers choose Integration:

1. Simple Onboarding

Connect once with iTradeNetwork, and add any future trading partners with little to no effort. Testing is required only once, and no additional setup means no additional setup fees. You’ll save time, manpower, and money.

2. Proactive Alerts

Integrating allows you to receive alerts in real-time about any errors, updates, or changes in POs, allowing you time to correct these changes or adjust your order accordingly. Our Integrated customers have a leg up on their competition by making critical business decisions in real-time.

3. Duplicate Entry Elimination

When using the Portal or other procurement systems, customers must enter each line item twice—once in the original PO and once for their company’s records. This extra step of entering data is unnecessary and time-consuming. Via integration, our customers cut down on their PO data entry by half, saving both time and money yet again.

4. Standardized Formatting

With Integration, customers experience one standardized format for every order, confirmation, and invoice, and they also have the ability to set built-in and customizable validations and business rules to all of these documents. Want to prevent POs from being changed in certain ways? Integration is your best bet.

5. Efficient Scalability

Whether you’re already facing an increase in trading partners and POs or plan on growing your business, Integration is the answer. While non-Integrated customers have to dedicate significantly more time and manpower to match an increase in business, Integration makes managing your orders simple and easy. Whether you have three trading partners or three hundred, Integration allows you to scale accordingly.


As a bonus, we can integrate with any file type you may have, whether it’s EDI, Flat File, or XML.