Since our Customer Experience Team’s migration from emails and telephone calls to the streamlined online Portal in August, we have taken further steps to modernize our support process by building up a thorough and easily digestible Knowledge Base. We are excited to announce that, as of this week, we have added over 500 articles to our Knowledge Base, all of which are easily accessible to our customers with a click of a button.


The importance of having a Knowledge Base should not be understated. With Microsoft’s Knowledge Base reaching over 150,000 articles and the Salesforce Service Cloud knowledge base citing an increase of 45% in customer satisfaction, it’s obvious why companies are giving consumers the tools and information to solve issues and to learn more about topics on their own schedule.


iTradeNetwork’s Knowledge Base, which grows at a rate of about 20-25 articles per week, is a game-changer for the partners in our network. Because our Customer Experience Team fields about 400 support cases each week, we tailor our Knowledge Base articles to the support cases that appear most frequently, prioritizing the ones that can provide the most efficient answers and information.


“Continuing to fill in the knowledge gaps and making these articles available will modernize the way we engage with customers,” notes Steve Beitz, Director of Customer Experience, “We’re able give context and include many more details than in our support case resolutions. The Knowledge Base lets our customers get immediate answers to quick questions instead of going through the process of opening support cases.”


Because the iTradeNetwork platform provides farm-to-fork solutions, our customers can not only learn how to tackle their support issues, but they can also learn about how their solutions integrate into the rest of our supply chain solutions. Giving our customers the autonomy and capability to learn more about the solutions they work with is just one of the ways that iTradeNetwork is changing our customer experience.


Visit our knowledge base here.