We're excited to announce that our industry-leading Traceability solution just got a little bit better, releasing new functionality that you can use to strengthen your brand and grow your business faster. On August 20th, as a part of our Product Release that night, iTracefresh made it so that customers can now:  

  • Bulk-print Hybrid Pallet Labels
  • Create and bulk-print standard Pallet SSCC Labels
  • Create and bulk-print Hybrid and Pallet Labels via mobile device

With these new additions, you can now print all your labels from either a computer or mobile device, and much more efficiently. This makes it even easier for you to follow traceability best-practices and help transmit your traceability data to create the World’s Safest Food Supply Chain. 

If you have any questions about iTracefresh or are interested in getting these capabilities and full Traceability for one year free-of-charge, please click below:

 Traceability, Free-of-Charge for 1 Year

We look forward to building the world's safest supply chain with you.