Everyday, thousands of food and beverage companies use iTrade's Order Management System (OMS) for planning, order management, accounting, logistics, and more. This week, we are answering our customers' top 5 most frequently asked questions.

I entered an incorrect password too many times, and now my account is locked. How can I unlock my account?

A. You will need to wait 45 minutes for the system to unlock your account and then you can try again. If you are still experiencing any issues logging in, please reach out to your Admin and ask them to reset your password.


How do I add an Extra Service charge or an Allowance to an existing order on OMS?

A. Select a PO from the Vendor on the Order Status page. Click on the Add ES/AC (or ADD ES) button.

Select Charge for a service charge or Allowance for a discount allowance from the Charge Indicator drop down menu.

Select the code from the Service Item drop down menu. Click on the Go button. Enter the Total Amount. Click Submit.


My buyer rejected several items on the PO. The invoice is showing that it is Rejected. How can I fix and reconcile the invoice?

A. You can find Purchase Orders that need to be reconciled under the menu item Accounting. A purchase order will require reconciliation if prices and/or quantities between buyer and seller are not in accord, and/or if the buyer has made a claim on and/or adjustment to the order. The vendor can access the rejected PO under the Accounting/Reconcile menu to adjust the quantity and/or the cost.


How do I set up a new Shipping Warehouse location on iTrade as a vendor?

A. The portal administrator can create a new Shipping W/H. From the Settings menu, select Location Admin, click the Locations tab, and select the Cooling type from the list. Enter the warehouse information and click Create.


How do I add a new item to the iTrade catalog?

A. To create a new item in your iTrade catalog, you must have an Admin role. Create a new item from the PID menu, Item Master page and select Create Item. You need to have the item product code, the item description and the item category in order to be able to create the new product.


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