Everyday, thousands of food and beverage companies use iTrade's Order Management System (OMS) for planning, order management, accounting, logistics, and more. Check out our customers' top 5 most frequently asked questions of the month. 


FAQ #1 

Question: I am unable to view my order in the shipping menu. How can I ship it?

Answer: Sometimes you are unable to see your orders in the shipping menu because of the arrival date on the order is over three weeks old. Orders, Loads, Invoices are all archived in the system 3 weeks from the Arrival Date.

For Example:
If a PO's Arrival Date is 8/5/2019, the PO (and Load and Invoice if they are attached to the order) will be archived 8/26/2019 (3 weeks from 8/5/2019).

To "UnArchive" you will need to manually search for the PO in Order Status/OMS. Go into the PO. Change the Arrival Date to the current or a future date. At the bottom right of the PO you will see an "UnArchive" button. Click it. This will unarchive the PO.

FAQ #2

Question: How do I create and add a new item on the catalog?

Answer: You must have an (SAdmin – Super Admin) Admin role to be able to maintain items on the OMS portal.

  1. Click on PID, click on Item Master, select Create Item.
  2. There are three required fields to create an item:
    • Product Code
    • Product Category
    • Default Product Description
  3. Click Create Item.

FAQ #3

Question: Why did I get logged out of the OMS portal when I didn’t log off my session?

Answer:  Your screen will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. Please be sure to save any information that you have entered into the iTradeNetwork site any time you are going to work outside the system. Any unsaved information entered prior to being timed out will be lost. Once you login again, you'll return to the page you were at prior to being logged out.

FAQ #4

Question: I submitted my invoice to the customer. Why is the invoice status is showing Invoiced-A?

Answer: Invoiced-A status means:

Invoiced = The invoice was submitted

A= The invoice was acknowledged by the customer and has been fulfilled.

FAQ #5
Question: How do I add the freight for an order on the OMS portal?

Answer: You can add freight through Extra Services and Allowances on your orders:
  1. Select the Vendor menu, click on the Order Status submenu.
  2. Click on your order and click on the Add ES/AC button.
  3. Select Charge for a service charge or Allowance for a discount allowance from the Charge Indicator drop down menu.
  4. Select the code from the Service Item drop down menu. Click on the Go button.
  5. Enter the Total Amount and the Quantity. Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the dialog window.


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