iTradeNetwork CEO, Rhonda Bassett-Spiers is currently featured on the podcast, The Modern Acre, which highlights innovators in the food industry. The discussion focused on the impact of iTrade’s innovations over the past 20 years and how Bassett-Spiers has helped advance the company’s mission to modernize the industry, with faster, smarter technology, to achieve the supply chain resilience needed for suppliers and buyers to grow.

An iTrade Connection

The Modern Acre Podcast is hosted by Tim and Tyler Nuss, 5th generation farmers and tech entrepreneurs who were also iTradeNetwork customers.

“I used iTrade when I first got into the produce industry in 2009, “ says Tim Nuss. “They were kind of the first technology companies that really came in and modernized the way retailers send dispatch orders to suppliers.”

Since 2009, iTradeNetwork has changed the landscape of the industry through new innovations and data advancements that have created a whole new way to do business. 

Addressing the Biggest Challenge

Bassett-Spiers was asked about the biggest challenge she faces. Her answer? The industry itself.

“The biggest challenge is the industry and its reluctance to change,” shares Bassett-Spiers. “The challenge is waking up the customer base to say they have to innovate to move forward.”

How has iTrade helped to wake up the industry? By listening and gaining the perspective of their customers, staying on top of industry trends, and seizing opportunities for improvement.

“There are so many opportunities to learn and gain perspective on how to help customers position themselves over competitors. Now,  our customers are awake. Now, it’s about responding as quickly as possible and leading them in the direction of innovation,” says Bassett-Spiers.

How COVID Changed the Industry 

The innovation wake-up call for the industry was COVID.  

“COVID has been the catalyst for change in the industry and honestly it's a much-needed one,” says Bassett-Spiers. “It exposed a lack of resilience in the food supply chain. So we’re starting to see a lot of customers and the industry as a whole are now awake to the fact they need to make changes in order to adapt.”

Bassett-Spiers shared how iTradeNetwork stepped up early on in the pandemic to help address the supply and demand issues, accelerating the development of iTradeMarketplace, so the industry had a solution within 6 weeks.

“We developed this marketplace and connected buyers and suppliers so they could gain resilience and make sure no perishable product is destroyed but gets to customers' hands,” she says.

What the Future Holds

Gumption, drive, and investment are what make iTradeNetwork stand out from its competitors. It’s also what drives future innovations.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about what iTradeNetwork is working on next for suppliers and buyers, the one thing that changed how Bassett-Spiers thinks about traceability, and the game-changing product she thinks the industry needs most right now.