Doing more with less, and doing it faster and more efficiently than ever before is the new normal in the supply chain. For the perishables industry, when it comes to procurement this means improving the ordering experience while keeping an eye on costs and compliance. Today’s market dynamics are complex with new challenges to solve seemingly every day: from sourcing to managing quality to ever-changing regulations to expertise needed to guide us through global issues. Navigating these concerns has been eased with technology providing solutions helping us simplify workflows and unlocking insights for more accurate decision making.

Today I’m happy to share that we’ve launched a reimagined mobile platform for our Branded Procurement solution called OrderMaestro (press release). We’re introducing a new way to monitor inventory and ordering via an app that works offline and in low light conditions. Our mobile solution also allows orders to be placed across many different suppliers using one shopping cart. Our main goal with this release is to automate and simplify as much of the ordering and stock taking process as possible.

The app is available in both the Apple and Android app stores and here's more of what you can expect: 

  • Ordering: Use Order Guides to browse all supplier catalogs 
  • Product Search: use text, voice, and barcode scanning to quickly find specific items
  • Order History: easily access previous orders
  • Shopping Lists: quickly reorder menu plans or individual items from saved templates
  • Real Time Inventory: connect directly to distributors inventory to validate orders
  • Stock Taking: offline inventory
  • Smart Barcode Scanning: quickly search items from your inventory for reordering 

Looking ahead at the roadmap we’ve planned even more, including native phone and tablet apps on Android and iOS. We’ll continue to work hard to add more value across our products and build experiences that are meaningful and meet your business needs effortlessly.