As part of our continuing iTrade University initiative, iTradeNetwork sponsored a pair of 36-hour hackathons over the past two weekends. The first was HackXX 2019, a women-centric hackathon at UC-San Diego on April 6-7, followed up by HackSC 2019 at the University of Southern California on April 12-14. We enthusiastically set out toward southern California with the goal of attracting and mentoring talent in computer science and other STEM Fields.

As a company, we pride ourselves on equipping all types of food supply chain participants with the tools necessary to bring the freshest produce possible to market, boost revenue growth, and improve profitability. To that end, we held workshops (even one of them at 12:30AM for the night owls) detailing how technology was key to not only managing the challenge of fresh, but also essential to reducing food waste. Having previously participated in the SLOHacks 2019 and LA Hacks 2019 events earlier in the year, we are excited for the upcoming fall school year and the opportunity to participate in more hackathons and help get the next generation of technologists excited about the perishables supply chain.

LOS ANGELES, CA/USA - June 28, 2016: Center for the Art of Performance at the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA is a public university located in Westwood Village