80% of shoppers agree that quality of fresh produce is the single most important factor when choosing a grocery store (FMI 2018). So why do most retailers continue to inspect their produce with manual, pen and paper inspections or “smart” excel forms? These processes slow down receiving, make it difficult to find and communicate information, and make it nearly impossible extract actionable insights. Manually searching through file cabinets or inboxes takes time and energy, and when it comes to auditing the material paper trail to make procurement decisions, the effort rarely yields readily actionable information.

iTradeFresh wasn’t designed to just replace your inspection methods, but rather to transform your procurement process. iTradeFresh guides inspectors through inspections and streamlines the receiving process, all while recording the data in a clean, simple, and easily consumable format. Relevant information and actionable insights get pushed automatically to relevant parties, ensuring that everyone who needs to know, does know. iTradeFresh won’t replace QC inspectors, but QC inspectors who use iTradeFresh will replace those who don’t.

iTradeFresh  gives you the tools you need to procure the best possible product on the market and grow your revenue. It is currently deployed in multiple countries, dozens of distribution centers, thousands of retail stores, and manages quality for hundreds of thousands of individual inspections and billions of pounds of produce. With iTradeFresh, we make it clear where your weakest links are in the cold chain. Use empirical facts to get actionable insights. Let data drive your decisions.